GiveWheel's donation policy

Donation disbursement

All donations made through GiveWheel are delivered to the registered charities according to the split specified by the donor/fundraiser.

Note, as set out on our 'how GiveWheel Operates page', GiveWheel operates two distinct ways for charities to receive money. Those that fall under the 'donor assist' service are denoted by the symbol , on the charity's page.

The schedule of which donations are granted to non-profits depends on whether the organisation has signed up to a platform membership, or whether they are the recipient of donor assist.

  1. GiveWheel for Charities (Platform membership)
  2. Charities on GiveWheel will hold a platform account and login details. They are able to connect a Stripe account, or provide bank details for payment. In this case, all charities are paid out on a rolling monthly basis, where there are funds pledged to the charity in excess of the £50 payout threshold. This means that funds raised through a fundraising event may be paid out prior to the fundraising event ending.

  3. GiveWheel donor assist
  4. We provide a service to assist donors with their giving, by reference to the public domain information for recipipent parties. In this case, no activity is performed by the recipient and money can be received passively by a charity or non-profit. For donations under donor assist, GiveWheel will ensure disbursement within 30 days where payment details are held. For all other charities, GiveWheel will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure disbursement of funds within 180 days. In rare instances where this is not possible, or payment details are not supplied in a timely manner by the charity, GiveWheel will ensure that all funds are paid to the charity within 365 days.