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About GiveWheel

We are on a mission to become the #1 charitable fundraising and corporate social responsibility platform in the world. Founded in 2021 by Oliver Daniel and Charlie Hart, GiveWheel provides the vehicle for individuals, teams, and companies to fundraise for as many charities as they wish in a single event. Proudly free for users, companies, and charities - all with 0% platform fees.

Our Vision

Creating the #1 platform for social good in the world.

At GiveWheel, we believe that everybody has a personal responsibility to make a positive difference in their community.

We believe that donating and fundraising should be simple, flexible, immersive and seamless in experience. We believe that contributors should be close to the causes they care about.

Our vision is to become the world's leading online community for charity and corporate social responsibility. We want to help you find real purpose in your community through bringing you closer than ever before to the causes you support.

Our Services

GiveWheel was developed in response to challenges that we experienced as donors within the charitable fundraising space. Fundraising felt transactional, there was little transparency, often high compulsory deductions were taken and it was difficult to donate or fundraise for more than one charity at a time. By developing GiveWheel from the ground up as an integrated platform for individuals, charities and companies alike, GiveWheel is the charitable fundraising and social impact platform for everyone.

For donors

We create the best experience for our contributors so that giving can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. We do this by enabling you to discover new causes, donate to multiple charities in a single transaction, connect and share activites with friends, earn points, badges and rewards and track, quantify and visualise the impact of your donations and social actions, all without charging any fees.

For businesses

We take your CSR to the next level by offering a custom-branded microsite for your company, enabling you to create company volunteering and fundraising events and form charity partnerships. Your platform is enhanced through gamification and an employee rewards portal, driving greater employee engagement whilst allowing you to track, quantify, visualise and report on the impact of your CSR.

For non-profits

For non-profits, we've harnessed the power of innovation, analytics and networks to enable you to elevate their fundraising with data driven insights to better understand and engage with your donors. Simply register your charity to begin receiving donations. For an even better experience, customise your organisation page and add your impacts.

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Oliver Daniel

Oliver Daniel

Founder, Product

Ollie is a passionate technologist & developer. Having developed the idea for GiveWheel, he is committed to building the best possible features and functionality for our community. He is also an avid runner, regularly competing in races from 5k to marathons.
Most gruelling event undertaken for charity? 100km ultramarathon from London to Cambridge. Ollie also ran his first London Marathon in 2023, raising money on GiveWheel for six charities close to his heart.

Charlie Hart

Founder, Partnerships

Charlie is committed to building impactful and lasting relationships between GiveWheel, its partners, and all of our users. As a founder, Charlie is able to build strong relations and transparent partnerships from the heart of the company with partners that share our values and commitment to social good.
Most gruelling event undertaken for charity? Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon! The event in its own words is "an exhilarating test of stamina, strength and fitness through some of the most spectacular and historic areas of the Scottish Highlands".

Charlie Hart