New Year's Resolutions 2024

In 2024, why not create meaningful resolutions that include a fundraising element?

Team GiveWheel January 02, 2024

Entering a new year is an exciting time that inspires many of us to set goals that make positive changes in our lives. Usually in setting resolutions, we reflect on our past year and look to leave behind old habits for new ones. 

In 2024, why not create meaningful resolutions that include a fundraising element? Rather than just personal goals, you could challenge yourself while also raising funds for charities close to your heart. Charitable contributions, whether big or small, have the power to make a significant impact - every year charities depend on the generosity of their fundraisers and supporters to provide critical services, implement facilities, support their communities, and to affect positive change on a large scale. Choosing to fundraise as part of your personal resolutions can mean a world of difference to your chosen charities and those they support.

When setting resolutions that involve fundraising, sharing these aims with your friends and family helps raise awareness for your favourite causes and keeps you going when the going gets tough! By sharing your fundraising journey with others, you too can inspire them to pursue their own charitable goals.

Resolutions are not always about the destination, but the progress and transformation you experience along the way! If you need inspiration on how you can fundraise, check out our article on our Top Five Fundraising Ideas. Here’s to a new year filled with growth, resilience, and to helping out causes that are having a positive impact within their communities. 

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