Planning an awesome adventure to raise money for charity?

We’re giving away GiveWheel grants to sponsor fundraisers. We have £1000s available to help make your charity fundraising challenge a reality - simply get in touch with us and pitch us your idea!

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Planning an inspiring event to raise money for charity

Aged 18 or over

Keen to share your story with our community

Individual, team & company fundraising

Support an unlimited number of charities in a single event, with any % split you choose!

Gift Aid on donations, automatic QR codes, widgets, images & videos, Strava integration and much more.


GiveWheel reviews applications on a rolling basis to assess whether we may be able to sponsor your event.

Due to the volume of applications, we are unfortunately not able to provide sponsorship for every event, however we will get back to all applicants with tips and advice for maximising your fundraise!

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Series fundraising & event registration

Unlimited individual fundraising pages, linked with a combined target. Set the charity beneficiaries for the whole event, or allow your team to choose their own charities for their individual pages.

Companies & charities can set up paid event registration and automatically collect entry fees.