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What fees do GiveWheel charge?

Outlining fees on GiveWheel

We do not charge any platform fees, or take a % cut of any donation when this is paid by card. GiveWheel's fundraising services are provided free of charge to individuals, organisations, and non-profits alike.

To help support the operation of the platform and the continuation of these services being provided free to charities, donors are able to add an optional contribution on top of their donation. Whether adding a voluntary contribution or not, there is no difference to the service provided and we welcome all donors, irrespective of whether they choose to leave a contribution.

When a donation is made, a payment processing fee is charged by our payment provider, Stripe. This is a special discounted rate of 1.2% + 20p for European cards, and may vary for international cards. Donors can opt to donate via invoice and bank transfer rather than paying via card. Donations paid via invoice incur a 3.85% processing fee.

Charities can choose to receive donations via Stripe, or via our non-profit disbursement partner Charities Trust (charity no. 327489). If charities receive payments via Stripe, there are no further fees. If a charity opts to receive donations via the Charities Trust, there is a 2.5% disbursement fee.

In exceptional cases, GiveWheel may facilitate fundraising for non-UK charities. Where an international transfer is required for disbursement, a 4.5% fee is incurred, which covers international bank and transaction costs and ensures donations are received securely by the charity with proof of transfer. Naturally, currency conversion rates vary and are correct at the time of the transfer being processed. Wherever possible, GiveWheel seeks to achieve the best conversion rate for charities and utilises multiple disbursement providers to actively monitor rates.